EFC - Fighter Profile - Cian Erraught

Cian 'Kong' Erraught

Light heavyweight

Record [W L D] : 0 - 1 - 0

Submission : 0 Wins - 1 Losses
TKO/KO : 0 Wins - 0 Losses
Decision : 0 Wins - 0 Losses

Age : 27

Height : 1.91m

Reach : 193cm

Strengths :Highly Athletic

Very Experienced Team
Sharp Boxing and Kickboxing

From : Ireland

Fighting out of : Dublin, Ireland

Gym : Straight Blast Gym Ireland (SBGi)

Trainer : John Kavanagh

Skills Breakdown

EFC - Fighter Profile - Cian Erraught
Submissions -%
Striking -%
Takedowns -%

Fight History

  • Opponent
  • Event
  • Result
  • Method
  • Shawn Kenny
  • -
  • Loss
  • R2 TKO (Strikes)
  • Ken Robin Vestrheim
  • -
  • Win
  • R1 TKO (Punches)
  • Chad Hanekom
  • EFC 50
  • Loss
  • R2 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

Fighter's Biography

  • Background disciplines?

    Wrestling & Jiu-Jitsu

    When & why did you start martial arts training?

    In 2012 I was given a DVD of MMA fights. After getting over the shock that this was a sport I could allow myself to let loose, I immediately looked for the best gym at which to try it out. I found SBG, and after one Jiu-Jitsu class I was completely hooked, I instantly fell in love with MMA every single aspect of it.

    Transition to MMA?

    It seemed natural for me to want to compete. I had played rugby to a high level, representing up to Ireland A in Rugby league and I felt this sport was the greatest mental and physical challenge I could do. Every other sport is some attempt to show you are in some way better than your opponent, MMA answers that question in its purest form, well it's certainly entertaining that you can kick this ball of air about but when push comes to shove, the excrement hits the fan we know who the alpha is! It's the guy who can take you down and make you cry uncle!

    What achievements and ranks have you held?

    Machine MMA heavyweight champion, Jiu-Jitsu blue belt

  • How did you get your fight name?

    Well my it's from my rugby days, they must have predicted my future somehow or another, it may have been because of the aggressive nature I tend to adopt on the field.

    What is your favourite technique?

    There are so many, it's very hard to choose a favourite, I really enjoy a good suplex! It has all the technique of a technical takedown while also allowing you to literally throw a person through the air and then introduce them to the ground at speed! Face meet floor!

    Who is your hero?

    It's a bit of an unoriginal answer but it's got to be Muhammad Ali, he was a truly amazing person. One of the best athletes to ever grace the sport while also doing so much for his community. There's also Mike Tyson and that's purely because I was in awe of his power, fighting way bigger men and making it look so easy!

    What other interesting information can you tell us about yourself?

    To be honest I absolutely love training, and I love learning more and more to do with our sport. I'm probably fairly boring to talk to if you want to discuss much else. I am also a laboratory technician and love to stay up to date on the new technology and breakthroughs in science #nerdyfighter.

    What does it mean for you to fight in the EFC?

    I cannot wait to fight in EFC. To me EFC is one of the biggest fastest growing MMA events in the world. I plan on gaining fans all over the world while bringing in eve more Irish Fans to EFC. It's also a huge plus that EFC has plenty of competition for me to obliterate! They're essentially the pins in the bowling alley, they don't even realise the destruction coming their way, and it's going to be a STRIKE!!!

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