EFC - Fighter Profile - Koba Iakobidze

Koba "Turbo" Iakobidze


Record [W L D] : 3 - 4 - 0

Submission : 2 Wins - 3 Losses
TKO/KO : 1 Wins - 1 Losses
Decision : 0 Wins - 0 Losses

Age :27

Height :1.78 cm

Reach :66 cm

Strengths :Excellent movement

Hard hitter
Clinical boxing

From :Johannesburg, South Africa

Fighting out of :Sunninghill, Johannesburg

Gym : Fight Fit Militia

Trainer : Richard Quan

Skills Breakdown

EFC - Fighter Profile - Koba Iakobidze
Submissions 10%
Striking 70%
Takedowns 20%

Fight History

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  • Jay Corneliuson
  • -
  • Win
  • R1 TKO
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Fighter's Biography



    Fight preparation?

    I train 5 times per week, full ground and stand-up training.

    When and why did you start MMA?

    I started MMA around 2009, three years after I came to SA from Georgia. I wanted to box professionally in South Africa but I was disappointed with the standard. I walked into an MMA gym, Team CIT in Pretoria, and enjoyed MMA.

    What ranks and titles have you held?

    I was 5x Georgian boxing champion. I had 92 fights and only lost 2 when I was 7 years old.

  • What do you enjoy about MMA?

    Everything. I’m not a ground fighter, but since I’ve been training with Attila Barna I’ve grown to enjoy grappling. At first I hated being taken down, but now I’m more interested in the entire sport. I also enjoy training with top fighters like Leon Mynhardt, who has taught me a lot about stand-up, and Michiel Opperman and Adam Speechly, who have taught me a lot on the ground. Team CIT has a great bunch of guys to spar with.



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    Notable fights

    Anicet Kanyeba
    EFC 36

    Added Detail

  • 33% win rate
  • 6 MMA fights in total
  • 4 of his 6 fights have been under EFC
  • He fought once in DBN
  • Currently running a win against Anicet Kanyeba

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