EFC - Fighter Profile - Luthando Biko

Luthando 'Shorty' Biko


Record [W L D] : 2 - 1 - 0

Submission : 0 Wins - 0 Losses
TKO/KO : 0 Wins - 0 Losses
Decision : 2 Wins - 1 Losses

Age : 27

Height : 1.50 m

Reach : 167 cm

Strengths :World Class Judo

Very Strong
Heavy Handed

From : South Africa

Fighting out of : Walmer, Port Elizabeth

Gym : PE Submission Fighting Academy

Trainer : Chris Bright

Skills Breakdown

EFC - Fighter Profile - Luthando Biko
Submissions 60%
Striking 20%
Takedowns 20%

Fight History

  • Opponent
  • Event
  • Result
  • Method
  • Devon Cronje
  • EFC 64
  • Win
  • R3 Decision (Unanimous)
  • Bokang Masunyane
  • EFC 57
  • Loss
  • R3 Decision (Unanimous)
  • Claude Ntumba
  • EFC 61
  • Win
  • R3 Decision (Unanimous)

Fighter's Biography

  • Background disciplines?


    When & why did you start martial arts training?

    I joined a friend for a MMA session 2 years ago and loved it ever since.

    How and why did you transition to MMA?

    I joined a friend at a BJJ session, which transitioned into a MMA class and now I’m training full time.

    What ranks & titles have you held?

    Judo Blackbelt

    Multiple SA Champ

    Commonwealth Judo champion

    IMMAF African Champ 2016

    How did you get your fight name?

    Have you seen me?

  • Favoured technique?

    Morote Seonage (judo throw)

    Who is your hero, and why?

    Chris Bright and Cameron Pritchard, their hardening and dedication and love for the sport is on another level.

    What other interesting information can you tell us about yourself?

    I enjoy socializing with friends and having a game of football.

    What does it mean for you to fight in EFC?

    It’s been a goal for me since fighting in the amateur division, and to fight on the biggest platform in Africa is an honour.

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