EFC - Fighter Profile - Stephan De La Rey

Stephan 'DQ' De La Rey


Record [W L D] : 0 - 2 - 0

Submission : 0 Wins - 1 Losses
TKO/KO : 0 Wins - 1 Losses
Decision : 0 Wins - 0 Losses

Age : 23

Height : 1.82 m

Reach : 188 cm

Strengths :Highly technical

Very strong
Well rounded

From : South Africa

Fighting out of : Hatfield, Pretoria

Gym : Team CIT MMA

Trainer : Morne Visser

Skills Breakdown

EFC - Fighter Profile - Stephan De La Rey
Submissions 40%
Striking 40%
Takedowns 20%

Fight History

  • Opponent
  • Event
  • Result
  • Method
  • Trezeguet Kanyinda
  • EFC 62
  • Loss
  • R1 TKO (Strikes)
  • Warren Richards
  • EFC 60
  • Loss
  • R3 Submission (RNC)

Fighter's Biography

  • Background disciplines?


    When & why did you start martial arts training?

    I started with a karate class when I was 3 years old and continued with that until I was 12. In this time I represented my country on 5 occasions.

    How did you transition to MMA?

    I was a bit of a problem child with anger issues. One of my friends started MMA with team CIT when we were 16. His father, one of my parent’s good friends and a decorated Karate athlete, suggested that I start training with his son. My parents were hesitant at firs but over some time I convinced them to allow me to join the club as I was extremely adamant to participate in the sport. It was only when I was 20 years old that I decided to start taking the sport seriously and start competing.

    What are your achievements?

    I have represented my country in 2016 at the IMMAF All African Open and lost in the final against an athlete from Sweden and won a Silver medal.

    How did you get your fight name?

    The name actually chose me. 3 of my first 4 Victories came by way of Disqualification. My teammates started calling me DQ de la Rey. At first I hated it as I felt it took away the credit of those victories. In all 3 fights I was dominating the fight and my opponent resorted to an illegal move. Out of desperation I guess. After some time I got used to my team mates referring to me as DQ and now I am proud of my name as it is part of my journey and molded me into the fighter and person I am today.

  • Favoured technique?

    I don’t have a specific technique that is my favourite. In this sport it is almost impossible to have one as you have to adapt to the situation and resort to the most effective technique rather that a favourite.

    Who is your hero and why?

    I have a lot of heroes and people I look up to and it is impossible to pick one. My hero is a version of myself that that I would like to be and I use the influence of all the important people in my life to hopefully one day become that version of myself.

    What other interesting information can you tell us about yourself?

    Just hanging out with my friends and discussing important stuff like our game plan for a possible zombie apocalypse.

    What does it mean for you to fight in the EFC?

    Honestly it is a dream come true. It is something that I have dreamed about since I started the sport. I remember telling my friends and family that I was going to be in the EFC one day and it got brushed off or even laughed at in the beginning. But after they saw that I was serious about the sport and the work I put in they are all my biggest supporters.

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