EFC - Fighter Profile - Wessel Mostert

Wessel "Wess Express" Mostert


Record [W L D] : 4 - 0 - 0

Submission : 1 Wins - 0 Losses
TKO/KO : 3 Wins - 0 Losses
Decision : 0 Wins - 0 Losses

Age : 28

Height : 1.96 m

Reach : 200 cm

Strengths :Heavy-Handed

True Heavyweight
Fully Versatile

From : South Africa

Fighting out of : Johannesburg, South Africa

Gym : The Tribe

Trainer : Walter Wendt

Skills Breakdown

EFC - Fighter Profile - Wessel Mostert
Submissions 15%
Striking 70%
Takedowns 15%

Fight History

  • Opponent
  • Event
  • Result
  • Method
  • Tony Mustard
  • EFC 57
  • Win
  • R1 TKO (Strikes)
  • Nico Yamdjie
  • EFC 54
  • Win
  • R1 TKO (Punches)
  • Ivan Strydom
  • EFC 52
  • Win
  • R1 Submission (Guillotine)
  • Wilhelm Strauss
  • EFC 49
  • Win
  • R1 KO (Punches)

Fighter's Biography

  • Background disciplines?


    When and why did you start training martial arts?

    I started in 2013. We live in a very progressed and sophisticated world (mostly). Where our day to day can become very mundane. Although I enjoy being in a sophisticated corporate environment I’ve always had this urge/instinct to do something that will make me feel alive/exhilarated, something that will challenge me physically, mentally and push me beyond what I once thought my limits were. Something that would balance out my professional business life and all the luxuries we’ve become accustomed to. Getting into a cage, with the steel gate clanging shut behind you. Being stripped of all the lies we as humans use to comfort us, for that fight you are free, you are a warrior, you are tapping into your primitive instincts which was lost in your monotonous life but regained in a cage fight.

  • How did you transition to MMA?

    I’ve always been very competitive; I also play Rugby but something was lacking. I believe as a man you need to measure yourself, you need to prove your worth to no one else but yourself. This leads to confidence, and confidence is the key to success in everything we do. MMA is a platform where it is just you against your opponent on the most real platform modern society allows. Whether you are playing Rugby, tennis, hockey etc you do it because you want to compete, you want to measure yourself against your opponent. In a cage fight there is no excuses, your training, commitment, spirit etc. will be showcased, it is in my opinion the most Primitive/accurate way in which I want to measure myself, that’s why it was only natural for me to start competing.

    What achievements, ranks and titles have you held?

    World amateur champion in 2014, fought in Las Vegas, Fightstar Heavy Weight champion. Ranked number 1 heavy weight in SA and the state of Nevada, USA. Ranked 3rd in the USA (amateur). Undefeated in 7 amateur fights, all finishes. 7-0-0

    How did you get your fight name?

    One night in Klerksdorp…

    What is your favourite technique, and why?

    I try to progress in all the different styles evenly, so I wouldn’t say I have a favourite.

    Who is your hero, and why?

    My Father, I believe I inherited his fighting spirit. He is a highly motivated, committed, efficient person/leader/father.

    What other interesting information can you tell us about yourself (hobbies, work, fun, outside of gym)?

    I am the captain of Vereeniging’s first Rugby team which is a great honor. We are top of our league at this stage. I am an avid hunter and we also breed game. I am the owner of Mosco Scaffolding (pty) Ltd.

    What does it mean for you to fight in the EFC?

    It’s a compliment to your hard work to be signed with EFC. From watching the event on television to competing in them is a great honour!

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  • Amateur World Champion & Undefeated
  • Trains with Champions Danie van Heerden & Nkazimulo Zulu
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