Champion Dalcha ahead of main event bout against Gideon Drotschie

29 October 2015


Cape Town, South Africa – In just over a week, DRC's Champion Dalcha is set to headline the EFC 45 card against the former light heavyweight champion Gideon 'Juggernaut' Drotschie. The last time fans saw Dalcha in action, he was undefeated and challenging Norman 'Chef' Wessels for the EFC gold in one of the most hyped events in EFC history.

What was billed as a fight between two of MMA's most intense athletes to ever enter the Hexagon, Wessels continued his reign as EFC light heavyweight champion with a second round submission of Dalcha. However, what many fans bore witness to was arguably one of the toughest fights of Wessel's career as a light heavyweight. He was dumped on his head twice and meticulously attacked by the DRC powerhouse.

This was Dalcha’s first ever loss in professional competition and it left him, having never tasted defeat before, contemplating giving up on professional MMA and moving back to the DRC. His desire to succeed kept him in MMA and the man of few words decided drastic change was necessary if he was to continue his chosen path of competitive fighting. To say he found a new team would not be truthful, instead his new team found him. A group of individuals that have been working with Dalcha at various stages in his career, from coaches to training partners, came together with one goal, to help him realise his full potential.

His old camp Dragon Power had had a major rivalry with Fight Fit Militia and much of the hype around his previous fight had been based on the animosity felt between the opposing camps. The spotlight shined too brightly for Dalcha and he lost track of what the true task was at hand. Now with his new team behind him he has buckled down and focused on the incredible threat which lies ahead of him, the number one contender, Gideon Drotschie.

A man of incredible athleticism who is truly in love with the competition, Dalcha has always had little to say when interviewed and rather displays his intentions inside the Hexagon at any given opportunity. When recently asked for comment on his upcoming fight next weekend, Dalcha's response was clear, plain and simple, "Like I always say, I'm ready. Anytime, anywhere, anyone, I am ready."

EFC 45: Drotschie vs. Dalcha, presented by, and takes place at GrandWest, Cape Town, on Saturday 07 November 2015.


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